Establish optimal posture foundations and feel immediate results at once.

NB: If you are pregnant, have any injury, disease, chronic inflammation or a medical condition, please call the studio before purchasing your package, to check suitability.

During this 6-week course, you will set up a proper foundation of posture with the correct technique for safe and efficient progression into more advanced Garuda apparatus Reformer classes. These sessions offer the new client the opportunity to discover the basics of Pilates apparatus. This will challenge all your small weaknesses with a workout on the apparatus designed to elevate your skill level and core strength.

6 Weeks Discovery*


What do I get?

  • Six 60 minutes semi private sessions over a period of two months (extra sessions can be added at any time).

Bonuses: (£54.99 free limited offer)!

  • One FREE guest pass (£35 value).
  • One FREE online seven day course; select from our online packages (£19.99 value).

*terms and conditions apply.

Capped at 5 persons maximum this course provides a great opportunity to embark safely on your Garuda reformer apparatus journey with a more personal correction and attention by our instructors.







Pilates Manchester offers a boutique-style approach to Garuda Pilates Reformer apparatus training located in Sale, Trafford, Manchester.

Garuda Pilates Reformer classes features exercises and techniques for a full-body workout increasing overall strength and range of motion, adding flexibility all while improving spine alignment and postural imbalances.

The course is designed to take complete beginners through all the key concepts of  Garuda Pilates reformer apparatus training. This Garuda apparatus reformer discovery course is for those who are fit, well and able. If you have pre-existing injuries, chronic inflammation or any other condition, please call the studio directly.

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