During the mandated closure for Covid-19, we are offering virtual classes using Zoom.

Classes available:

  • Garuda Pilates Mat
  • Garuda somatic Yoga therapy
  • Rise and shine matwork
  • Tone & Sculpt Mat
  • Magic Circle Sculpt
  • Reformer on the Mat
  • Backcare

If you would like to book, there are several options. You can either click on the courses in the timetable below, pre pay online, or pay via PayPal or bacs. Email me for further details. The cost is £7.99 per class. Terms and conditions strictly apply

Virtual Class Timetable

nisha-teachingCNHC registration

 CNHC registration is recognized for reimbursement with a number of private health cash plan providers.This means that clients who are members of the relevant plans can claim for the cost of the treatments outlined here, when they visit CNHC registered complementary therapists.

To view the providers recognised by CNHC registration for reimbursement click here:

It is essential that clients check their coverage before committing to or paying for treatments if they want to apply for reimbursement of fees.